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Project Details:

New roadside services and associated alterations to highway to accommodate, St Ives.
Groundworks package including the widening and alteration to existing highways around the site, concrete foundations, concrete floor slabs, large stormwater attenuation system, large pump station, textured paving, block paving and topsoil areas.


This project consisted of the construction of a new roadside services situated in a very busy part of St. Ives, Cambridgeshire. As part of the planning permission, a great deal of alterations and improvements had to be made to the existing roads surrounding the site to be able to deal with the addition of the roadside services. This generally included widening the highway, introducing new crossing islands, resurfacing the highway and making a drain connection on the verge across the road. Given the sheer volumes of traffic, we undertook the majority of these works at night under traffic management to ensure the safety of our operatives, pedestrians and drivers.

The other prevailing feature of this project was meeting the deadline for the Mcdonalds to open on their specified date. To ensure this date was met, we allocated additional resources and worked a number of Saturdays to increase production and successfully allow Mcdonalds to open in time.