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Project Details:

New tarmac carpark, Ketton


Groundworks package consisting of bulk excavation to form bunds, building up levels with stone, stormwater drainage and soakaway system, electrical ducting, in-situ concrete steps with handrails and tarmac surfacing.
A planning requirement for this project was to build topsoil bunds that would reduce the visual impact of the car park. This meant forming bunds around three sides of the car park from topsoil excavated from the car park location. To achieve the bulk excavation and bund forming, we sent two of our largest excavators to undertake the works which also had the benefit of greatly accelerating the build programme.
Another key component of this project was to accommodate the client whom in this case a busy church that still needed to use the facilities in the evening and weekends whilst construction was taking place. We built a temporary car park on the adjacent field that the church owned for the congregation to park in and maintained clear access throughout and safely segregated our works.